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Happy Birthday My Little Bear

A year ago his lusty cry as he entered the world reminded us how to smile again.  Through the long newborn nights, his warm, squirmy little body slowly healed the places I thought may never again be whole.

And as I gaze at the curious mischievous toddler that somehow took my baby’s place, I am in awe.  What an amazing gift we have been given.

Although I have millions of words I could say about Kai, today just a few will have to do.

I love you more than I could ever express, my little man.  You are growing into an easy-going, adventurous, curious child – and you continue to bring smiles to our faces every day.  You are a natural entertainer, and always have time for a laugh and a smile.  Although no child should have to shoulder the burden of healing, through you, God has brought healing to your parents’ souls. 

You are the child we dared to hope for … and every day I thank God that he chose to give you to us 1 year ago.

Happy Birthday Kai.  Mommy and Daddy love you.


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All in One Place

Not the way I would have wanted it, but finally, all together.

Little Man, hanging out beside the tattoo for his big sisters.  Only 3 years after the fact, I finally got the tattoo I wanted in their honour.  It is still healing, but I will post a picture once it is completely healed.  It is perfect though – exactly what I wanted it to be.

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