Happy Birthday My Little Bear

A year ago his lusty cry as he entered the world reminded us how to smile again.  Through the long newborn nights, his warm, squirmy little body slowly healed the places I thought may never again be whole.

And as I gaze at the curious mischievous toddler that somehow took my baby’s place, I am in awe.  What an amazing gift we have been given.

Although I have millions of words I could say about Kai, today just a few will have to do.

I love you more than I could ever express, my little man.  You are growing into an easy-going, adventurous, curious child – and you continue to bring smiles to our faces every day.  You are a natural entertainer, and always have time for a laugh and a smile.  Although no child should have to shoulder the burden of healing, through you, God has brought healing to your parents’ souls. 

You are the child we dared to hope for … and every day I thank God that he chose to give you to us 1 year ago.

Happy Birthday Kai.  Mommy and Daddy love you.



  1. wopchr said

    I didn’t know whether to cry, laugh, or smile through this-so I did all three.
    I love him. And you! Happy birthday, Kai!

  2. Jamie said

    Happy Birthday, sweet Kai. I wouldn’t say burden of healing is the right phrase – I think it is natural and effortless. And he has so much love in return.

  3. Sally said

    A year already! Happy birthday to the most handsome (well, he’s a tie with my own!) little man! You are so loved and cherished the world over.
    How I wish we could get together for a play date! Angus and Kai would be absolute mischief together!

  4. MJ said

    Firstly, let me start my saying your boy is gorgeous!! And Happy Birthday to Kai!! Also, thank you so much for delurking to give me support right now as my husband is training..It means so much to me..

  5. LuckyOnce said

    Happy birthday, and happy one year of healing to you…

  6. Rebekah said

    Wow- it’s hard to believe a year has passed already… I also have a hard time believing Madalyn is almost six months old. Time flies…

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