Things Not to Say …

… to the pregnant lady you saw in WalMart this evening.

5) Wow, how are you still managing … your belly is huge!  <Awkward pause as I stare> … Umm … really beautiful, but just big.  You know … <trails off and walks away>

4) This must be your first.  You just have that innocent, naive look to you. (inner thoughts were running wild on this one … I managed to contain them all)

3) Oh honey … you must be so hot.  At least your due date is coming soon. <awkward moment> … Right?  Ummm … maybe not.  Myself: 7 1/2 weeks to go.  Lady: Wow. <walks away>

2) When I mention my September 21st due date, “That’s awful!!! You have to still make it through the whole summer.  I am so sorry … I remember being pregnant through the summer, it was the WORST THING EVER.”  (Really lady? The worst thing ever?  I doubt it … and as a note, I can’t change my due date now, kind of in it for the long haul … maybe support would have been a better option)

And the number #1 choice from the evening …

1) When are you due? <I mention September 21st>  Oh my, that’s amazing … I would have guessed in a couple weeks by the size of your stomach.  Almost 8 weeks?  Are they sure?  Is it twins?  I just can’t believe how big your belly is. <awkward pause>  But it is lovely … and you are so thin, thin people always look bigger pregnant.

No lie, all those comments were tonight.  While part of me wanted to go crazy Ninja on them all, I just smiled and allowed myself to ponder the blog post I would write.  Really, much more productive that way 🙂



  1. Sally said

    Kudos for not going all ninja on them. I haven’t been so kind of late. Although I did fake one alive child this week, as I was asked if this was my first. And she said not to worry as it always goes quicker with the second as you are just so busy running around after your first! Yep, sure am! That grief really is a killer!

  2. Catherine said

    Oh no. Well done for not going crazy ninja on all of them.

    I dread someone saying the last one to me next time round. If I’m ever lucky enough for there to be a next time round. Last time, I was sooooo pleased and proud to say ‘yes, it is twins’.

    If someone asks me that question again, I think I’ll probably just burst into tears. Or go crazy ninja.

  3. Carly K. said

    UUgggg, people just have absolutely NO clue. You just want to knock them in the head, glad you didn’t, but man you want to. Sorry you had to endure that.

    Here’s to your belly and another super 7.5 weeks of it!!!!

  4. agp1 said

    Those comments were just so awful that they made me laugh. Wait, I was laughing at your responses more than anything. I don’t like the general public at all!
    Are you a fan of online shopping?

  5. minnow said

    In your shoes I would have gone balistic. In mine I would have asked them what gave them the right to make rude comments to total strangers. I cannot imagine commenting on the size of anyone’s belly. And at 50 I am getting less afraid of telling people what I think about their thoughtlessness. Bless you these next 7.5 weeks. And at some point if you chose to “educate” some people in public know that at least a few of us will be on the sidelines cheering!

  6. Oh wow. I’m pretty sure I’d just stop going out in public if I got that kind of crap every single time! I’m just not big on the whole strangers-talking-to-me-about-personal-stuff thing, anyway!, so this would have really irritated me 🙂 Congrats on keeping your cool!

  7. Brenna said

    Oh gosh, I think I just glimpsed my future. I look so much bigger than I thought I would at 14 weeks. According to the baby books people might “just be guessing” that I’m pregnant–yeah, right! I’m sorry you had to deal with all of those comments, but it sounds like you took it like a champ! And you’re right, it’s always entertaining for the rest of us to hear. 🙂

  8. Christy W said

    I really think we should all get together and just write a book about how to speak without thinking! Unfortunately, the only people who’d read it are those who don’t even need it! LOL
    I’m so happy you are getting close!!!!!!!!!!!! Thinking of you!

  9. Carly said

    U N B E L I E V A B L E!

    Some people!

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