A Little Lighter Fare …

Dear Phone-Company-That-Shall-Remain-Annonymous,

Please understand that I am not calling because I don’t get your system.  Trust me, I do.  When I say I am calling because your online system is not working because my account isn’t accurate I do know what I am talking about.

No, I do not need 4 separate people to explain your system to me.  It is not understanding that is the issue … it is that my online account isn’t accurate.  The fact that you have never seen this issue before is insignificant to me right now, I am unable to do what I need to in order to purchase a new phone.  And no, I can’t run down to the nearest store to pick up a new one.  An hour drive is simply not convenient right now.  And no, I am not stupid, that is the nearest one.

Please please understand this after this last call, I beg you.  The 1 1/2 hours I have already spent trying to explain this to you is getting old.  And not having a full display on my phone because my baby vomited into it is also getting old.

Thank you very much. Sincerely – completely frustrated with you.


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