8 Months

It’s hard to believe that 8 whole months have passed us by since you made your way into this world.  It shocked me the other night when I picked you up to find that you had bad breath!  Where did my milky breath newborn go?  Unbelievable how far you have come. 
Although I need to get better at taking the pictures to prove it, your motor skills have been improving at an incredible rate.  This month you discovered that there is a world beyond your little blanket in the living room … and you just want to get to it all!  It has made for challenging moments, that’s for sure, but you are determined to figure it all out.  Along with your fantastic rolling, you have now figured out a type of crawl.  I say type because to call it crawling seems a bit generous 🙂  It looks like what I imagine an inchworm would look like if it had longer limbs.  But, that said, it gets you from point A to point B … and always with a smile. 
Although you can now move from place to place, you still would prefer to do things the “Big Boy” way – by standing.  Your favorite activity by far is holding onto a hand while ever so slowly reaching for toys with the other.  You haven’t entirely mastered this “skill” yet, but you certainly give it your best go each and every day.
Determination, that is one thing you have plenty of!  It will get you far I am sure – as it already has as you have learned so many skills.  You currently are determined to do many things, among them walking, eating only big people food, and yes, still determined to not sleep through the night.  Your naps have finally improved, but I think it will be a long while yet before you give up our nighttime visits.  I try to enjoy them, remembering it won’t be long before you don’t snuggle in the night anymore.
After a slowdown in your eating after your first ear infection, you are now eating up a storm – working hard to use those adorable two little bottom teeth you now have.  You don’t really like cereal or purees, so we are loosely adopting Baby Led Weaning for you and your solids.  Pretty much we give you regular food – just cooked and cut into manageable pieces (or strips … because you love biting off pieces yourself)!  You love it, you look so proud when you realize we are eating the same thing.  Your favorite are apples and sweet potatoes, although any fruit will certainly do.  And Avocados – depending on the day you either love them or hate them.  Hilarious to watch as you can be quite dramatic when you refuse them.
You are super social, and love to play.  Sometimes people miss this as you still check out a situation thoroughly before warming up … but once you are, watch out.  You smile and make cheesy faces for anyone willing to smile back and you love “running away” from everyone who comes close.  You love being tickled, playing peek-a-boo, clapping (particularly at the handsome baby who lives in the mirror), and having songs sung to you.  Your dad laughs at the songs we sing … and how quickly a silly song can change your tears into giggles.
You are growing into such a delightful little man – even through your challenging phases.  Each morning my initial grumpiness at being woken early fades as I pull you out of your crib.  Your huge smile as you practically jump into my arms wins me over every time.
I can’t imagine my life without you, my little Kai-Bear … we honestly are better for having you in our lives.  I love you so much it hurts.
Your Momma.


  1. Kara's Mom said

    He’s so beautiful…wow. You are very blessed indeed.

  2. Christy said

    Dear Kai,

    You are such a handsome little man! Thank you for making your mama so happy-you’re so lucky to have each other!!

  3. Sally said

    I always read your posts and think wow, this is what lies ahead of us in two months! Kai is so yummy. He and Angus would be trouble together I think!

  4. Jamie said

    What sweet pictures! He is a sweet boy – you are both blessed to have each other.

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