Their Other Day

November 12th.  It will always be Avery and Sophie’s birthday … although I hesitate to call it such as they were not born alive.  That said, it is the day they came into the world … and the day they left it.  It is forever theirs.

That said, today is their other day … their due date.  Such a strange date to remember.  Babies are rarely born on their due date, twins even less so.  And yet … in August 2007 when I first saw two little pink lines, April 6th was the date given for our impending little bundle. 

April 6th will always be associated with that initial joy, the excitement, the sense of wonder and amazement.  And it will alway feel just a little empty, a day full of empty promises.  

The house does not hold two rambunctious two-year-olds.  No little girls giggle in the back room.  I can’t hold them and tell them when we anticipated their arrival … they will never know what April 6th meant to me.

And no matter how much joy I find in their little brother, this date belongs to them.  To my first and second born, to my daughters.  Today, mommy is thinking of you my sweet baby girls.



  1. Tina said

    Thinking of your sweet girls too. xx

  2. Sally said

    Love to you on this day.

  3. Bree said

    Sending love to Avery & Sophie.

  4. Christy W said

    Love to all of you and lots of hugs-wishing they were here, of course, and missing them along with you

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