6 Months

Dear Kai,

Wow – 6 months! While I know one day I will look back and chuckle at how long I thought 1/2 a year was, I still can’t help but be amazed you have been here for that long.  It doesn’t seem that long ago that you entered the world screaming, changing our world forever for the better.

This month has been another big one for you.  You eagerly anticipate discovering new things – yourself still being your favorite subject for exploration!  Your fingers and toes still fascinate you, although your voice is high on the list as well.  You found your screech this month, and while we would rather you didn’t use it, you are quite proud each and every time.  You now roll over with some regularity, but sitting is a much better activity in your books.  Even better is hanging out in your jolly jumper.  You would spend hours in there if momma would let you.

You are definitely a little entertainer right now.  Each noise you make, toy you rattle, and every time you roll you quickly look around the room with a smile – making sure everyone present saw your great feat.  You found your tongue and delight in blowing raspberries.  You often smile with your tongue sticking out … a quirky, rather endearing little trait 😉

You happily hand out smiles to anyone willing to talk to you.  Your laughs are still rarer than smiles, but are wonderful to hear when we get them.  Silly songs still rank high on ways to get them, although a good tickle to your ribs works as well.

You are still definitely a thinker, carefully observing everything in your world.  Each new place, person, or activity is pondered before you will move forward.  You aren’t frightened by new things, just like to think them over.  In some ways I think it makes you seem older than you are.  I often wonder what exactly you think about while you stare a new person or situation down.

The dog and cat are some of your favorite discoveries these past couple of months.  You now realize they are there, and you love touching them as they wander by.  Watch out critters when the Kai-Bear learns to crawl!

Snuggling is still high on your list of favorite things.  You love back scratches, head rubs, and snuggling into a warm shoulder.  I try to breathe in your particular smell when you cuddle – a wonderful mix of baby smells. This month you and I started an infant massage course – you loved the first class!  I think I will teach your daddy as well, as it will hopefully help you relax enough to sleep.

Ah sleep, the one thing you aren’t really excited to do.  You still like to party with me at least a couple times a night, and daytime napping is something you would really prefer to give up entirely.  There is just too much to be done to nap!  And unfortunately it was made even harder this month as you started cutting your first tooth (a molar) and experienced your first ear ache.  Poor baby!

Little man, our monkey, the munch, Kaisers, Snucks, sweet pea and monster – all names we use when talking to you.  It is amazing how much better we have all gotten to know each other over the past 1/2 year. 

Each day I still wake up amazed, blessed and extremely thankful for you.  Even on our most difficult days, I can’t imagine not having you here with us.  You truly are a delight, my little man.  I love you,

Your momma.



  1. Sally said

    Tears in my eyes. Beautiful. I think our boys would get on just FINE! So much in common.

  2. Bree said

    What a sweet post. How time flies. Kai is adorable!

  3. Jamie said

    What a sweet, sweet letter. Can you believe we are half way to a first birthday? It boggles my mind.

    You have such a handsome boy!! Skeeter is right with him on the screeching and chomping at the bit to crawl after the cats. They would be such great play pals!

  4. Susi said

    Oh wow…time really flies. 6 months already. Kai is absolutely adorable and he looks and sounds like he is so much fun.

  5. Diane said

    My little guy turned 6 months as well, and your letter brought tears to my eyes, as we are so very blessed to have these amazing little boys in our lives! Kai is adorable and so happy to hear you are enjoying every second with him!

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