The Whispers

Have you ever walked through the woods just as the wind picks up?  You know that whisper it makes as it weaves through the trees?

I don’t have a word for it, but it is that feeling I get at this time of year.  All is calm, and then I sense it, I hear it … the wind begins whispering.

March brings the whispers of the could-have-been.  Avery and Sophie were due at the beginning of April, in all likelihood they would have been March babies.  Bug too was due in April, albeit slightly later in the month.

And so, in spite of all my happiness, a wave of melancholy hit me this last week.  The wind again whispers.



  1. Bree said

    Thinking of you and your 3 beautiful babies. It’s ironic that Spring symbolizes birth and new beginnings and that is when we lost our babies. 😦

  2. Sally said

    Remembering Avery, Sophie and Bug with you these weeks.

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