No Thanks Nestle

Several weeks ago, a very well-intentioned friend excitedly told me about a “free gift” baby program that Nestle puts on here in Canada.  She handed me the application – thinking I would like to sign up.

It sat, burning a hole on my counter for weeks.  Why?  Because I signed up with the twins … and after they died, I continued to get “Congratulations you are __ pregnant!” and “Congratulations, your babies are __ old!” packages until we moved and I didn’t change our address.  I know I could have called and cancelled, I just couldn’t.  And every time the package arrived, my heart broke just a little more.

But I know the packages are chocked full of good deals … and I should sign up.  We aren’t made of money after all.  So the application sat … until today.  When I decided.  I just can’t. 

Time heals many things.  My little man has healed many others.  But other things just won’t … and Nestle, thanks so much, but for now, no thanks.



  1. Bree said

    I understand. I haven’t signed up for anything this time around. Even though I unsubscribed from everything after losing Ella, some things still get through and it stings everytime.

  2. Sally said

    Yep, I hear you. Some wounds will never close over. It will always sting.

  3. Amanda said

    I remember getting a package in the mail two days before my birthday. I was so excited to open it, not knowing what it could be. I crumpled into a ball on the floor when I discovered the packages of baby formula inside. Worse still, was trying to get off their damn list. I sent an e-mail to the company’s ‘unsubscribe’ option, but of course, it was a dead end. Only after looking up the company’s head office and calling them there, then harrassing a poor secretary who didn’t believe the program was actually affiliated with them, was I able to get off the list. And even then they didn’t confirm I was off, I only stopped receiving things. Here’s an idea Nestle: 1. make it easy to unsubscribe. 2. send a note of condolence to the moms who have to leave your program.

  4. Makes sense to me. We all have our own lines that we draw.

  5. Donna said

    I got mail and e-mails for a year after Ellie died. Even when I asked to be removed from the lists. I didn’t sign up for anything this time either.

  6. Jamie said

    I completely understand. I still get things from Huggies for my baby that should be walking and potty training right now. And I ~tried~ to unsubscribe but still the crap won’t stop coming. Some memories are too strong, wounds too deep.

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