On Raising a Man

I found myself daydreaming the other day while watching some young kids play hockey … I was imagining Kai in a few years, wondering if he too would be into this Canadian game.  And it hit me … that’s his future.

The future, a strangely absent thing these past couple of years.  After Avery and Sophie were born, we thought about life in hours and days.  It was all about surviving the raw pain.  Over time, it became about the 2 week wait, the months, then “until the baby is born.”  But beyond that, never.  Along with our babies, thoughts about the distant future disappeared.

Even once Kai arrived, the future consisted of small increments – “when he sleeps through the night (yet to happen)”, “when he starts to smile”, etc..  The other day really was the first time the future occurred to me – at least beyond the immediate babyhood of Kai anyhow.

I sat stunned, thinking about it.  In all likelihood, I will get to see my son at 2, at 5, at 15, at 25 and beyond. We will watch our little boy grow up, guiding him in the right direction, helping him along the path.

The future is exciting, scary, intimidating, and beautiful to think about.  We are not just parenting a baby, we are raising a man.



  1. Sally said

    Amazing, isn’t it?


  2. Jamie said

    You are so right – it never stops. When he rolls over, when he crawls, when he starts to walk . . . Next thing I know, he’ll be asking to borrow my car.

  3. Beautiful.

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