Sentimental … Not So Much

By nature I am not a sentimental person … I never have been.  That said, after losing Avery and Sophie, I clung to everything I had that reminded me of them.  It made me wonder how sentimental I would be with the next baby … would I be ridiculously over the top?

I think I have my answer 🙂  Our sweet Monkey, although exceptionally cute has experienced the most interesting hair loss pattern I have ever seen.  First the sides disappeared … then the back “rub” spot … then the top started to go.  Unfortunately, the remaining hair was at least 3 inches long, and in weird patchy spots (seen best from the back, the front still looked nice).

The other day, I had enough.  I managed to convince DH to bring out the clippers and Kai got his first haircut.  Yes, that’s right … at 4 months old.  I dutifully cut off a chunk to save, just in case I wish I had later.  But honestly, not a sad thought in the head over the whole thing. 

While DH wasn’t originally convinced, he agreed with me that it looks way better now that it is clipped … a little naked on the top, but it will grow in nicely. 

I just had to have a little chuckle over the whole thing as I put the hair chunk away later that night.  Apparently having the little squirmy munchkin around is enough for me.  The hair?  I don’t need it.



  1. caitsmom said

    “Apparently having the little squirmy munchkin around is enough for me.” I love this.

  2. Too cute. But I agree – I don’t see myself hanging on to “things” if/ when we have a child at home. He will be enough himself 🙂 His brother and sister – we hang on to their things because that’s all we have.

  3. Jamie said

    That is too funny!! The red hair kiddo was born with fell out fairly quickly and was replaced by a brownish/blond fuzz. But around his crown 4-5 strands of the original hair remained – about an inch longer than the rest. I laughed every time I noticed them!

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