Often in babyloss circles, we experience hurt, disappointment and anger when people are insensitive about the children we have lost.

Today, I had the opposite happen … a wonderfully sensitive woman literally brought me to tears with her thoughtfulness. 

DH comes from a large family, and a family tree is in the process of being created.  His aunt is responsible for creating the tree from DH’s grandfather down.  Today, she sent out an email asking us to review it to make sure it was correct.

I opened it up and was floored when I reached our little “branch”.  Under DH and I there were three little lines.  One for Kai, and one each for Avery and Sophie.  I was amazed and am so grateful for her thoughfulness.  It is so rare that the girls are acknowledged in such a real way.

I just had to share …



  1. Bree said

    Wow! How incredibly sweet!

  2. Susi said

    That is just so incredibly thoughtful. It brings tears to my eyes. Unfortunately, those type of encounters are so rare in the babyloss world. I wish all people that surround us would be this thoughtful.

  3. What a special lady, and what an awesome gift. I’m so glad your twins are going to go down in history in such a very cool way 🙂

  4. Jamie said

    That was the most wonderful gift she could give you.

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