A Season To Remember

13 days …

That’s what we had with our girls.  Although nearly 20 weeks along when we lost them, it was only at our 18 week ultrasound that we found out we were having twins.

October 31, 2007 – the day we found out we had two

And so, in the midst of the joy of a newborn, we find ourselves in a period of remembering.  Each day brings up memories of what that day held two years ago.  Each was a whirlwind as we found out about the twins, about their shared cord, the possibility of TTTS and additional risk factors, and began eagerly and excitedly planning for life with two.

As I hold my son, I remember his sisters … these 13 days a reminder of their short lives.  Still missing you my sweet baby girls.



  1. Sally said

    Remembering with you.

  2. I understand. And I’m sorry. I wish you’d had a lifetime with them here with you.

    Remembering and missing along with you.

  3. Rebekah said

    Thinking about you!

  4. Jamie said

    I am thinking about your girls as well.

    HUGS . . .

  5. Erika said

    I am right there with you. many many hugs to you… (((hugs)))

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