A Years Time

This past weekend was Thanksgiving here in Canada.  As I reflected over the weekend, it was impossible not to think back to a year ago.  Thanksgiving 2008 was a tough one for us.  Still recovering from my D&C from our second loss, DH and I were reeling over what should have been our first Thanksgiving with Avery and Sophie.  Although I knew there was still much to be thankful for, the holiday was difficult to make it through.

This year I found myself staring into the most beautiful brown eyes, heart filled with gratefulness over the gift we have been given in Kai.  But even still, the “what could have been’s” sneak in.  I hear the whispers in the back of my mind – “Would they have looked like him?”, “Would either have been as mellow as my baby boy?”

They are questions that will never have answers, but ones that will never be completely quieted none the less.  So instead, I ponder them while kissing Kai’s soft little head, missing the two that aren’t here, but so thankful for the one who is.

BabyKai 059

BabyKai 134



  1. Sally said

    He’s beautiful and I’m so happy for you. Just wish the girls were with you, too.

  2. jan said

    Beautiful baby boy. He will grow so quickly…enjoy every minute.

  3. Carly K. said

    He is so beautiful. My heart is hurting along with you as you remember your sweet girls. You are in my thoughts and prayers.

  4. Bree said

    Just wanted to stop by and let you know that there are two butterflies for your girls on my site. Click on Ella’s Parade of Butterflies. I’d like to do one for bug also. I’ll let you know when that one is done, too. Hope it brings you a smile today.

  5. ((Hugs))

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