Psycho-Analyze This One

My latest indulgence?  Reading pregnancy message boards where the biggest concerns are not getting pretty things at showers, and being in trouble with a doctor for eating cake. 

They read like a soap opera.  Normally enough to send my blood pressure sky-rocketing I am finding them slightly addictive right now.

My thought on it?  Reading about people who worry about the smallest, most unnecessary details of pregnancy reminds me that plenty of people have healthy pregnancies and give birth to healthy babies every day.  There is a whole group of people out there who are on the right sides of the odds … and probably don’t even realize how much so.

Apparently soap opera message boards are my stress relief as we round the final corner to Monkey’s due date 🙂



  1. Katie said

    I just want to tell you, that I started reading your blog from the start of this pregnancy- and we are the same person! Well, almost- I have lost 2 pregnancies, both around the same time, never made it to 20 weeks, thou.. Im pregnant with my 3rd, and everything is going well so far. We just hit 12 weeks, which is the farthest we have been! All very exciting! I have to say, Im VERY excitied for you! Congrats! I know you can’t wait to meet your comming baby!

  2. Jamie said

    Oooh! That is a good idea. I could use a good, solid reminder that people give birth to perfectly normal, healthy and alive babies everyday.

    Besides – I’d probably get a good laugh out of it.

  3. Sally said

    Oh to live in that world again. How do I buy a one way ticket back there?
    Hang on Monkey, so close now. Stay strong, Mama.

  4. Catherine said

    I can’t resist going back to the one that I used to post on when I was pregnant with the girls. Yup, psycho-analyse that one.

    It is a reminder that it usually goes right. Not every single time, but usually.

    Go Monkey! xo

  5. I think it’s great you’re able to find some twisted type of enjoyment in that 🙂 I get it!

  6. Karen said

    Keep checking for aqn update to let us know our little Monkey is here!….blessings to all!

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