Redeeming the Fall

While setting up an appointment yesterday, I was shocked to find myself writing down a September date.  I can’t believe it is almost here.  September … Monkey’s month … the Fall.

The fall of 2007 was an exciting one.  Finally feeling better, we had just announced our pregnancy to the world.  We were on top of the world, right up until November 12th.  Losing Avery and Sophie rocked our world completely … I didn’t think Fall would ever be the same.

Fall of 2008.  Again just about out of a new first trimester.  Heading in for a 9 week ultrasound on September 12, we were skeptically hopeful for good news.  A new pregnancy was just what we needed before heading into the month before the first anniversary of the twins’ birth.  The ultrasound was devastating.  No heart beat, no little life to nurture and love.  One week later and nothing was left of the pregnancy but crushed hope.  Fall 2008 was dark.

I think justifiably so, the thought of turning the calendar to September causes me a bit of anxiety … two falls in a row have started out so hopeful, only to have the hope taken away. 

I find myself praying with everything in me that this is the year – 2009 – that we finally get to redeem the Fall.



  1. I can understand your anxiety; how you must be bracing yourself for the season. But it’s your turn for a good Fall. I have everything, everything crossed for you. I can’t wait for the Fall to redeem itself for you. ((Hugs))

  2. Brenna said

    I definitely think this is your fall! I’m so hopeful for you–you’re so, SO very close. This September will be a special month indeed.

  3. Tina said

    Hoping for a fabulously, fantastic fall!!!

  4. Christy W said

    Thinking of you-hoping for the amazing autumn that you deserve-and hoping you’ll keep us updated as we go into the home stretch here very soon!
    Christy W

  5. Sally said

    Hoping the change of seasons brings you the greatest gift.

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