The Room Where The Baby Should Go

These days the comment “You must be so excited” is almost as common as comments on my ever-expanding girth.  While I always answer with the expected “Of course” – I find myself guiltily realizing it isn’t entirely true.  Not that I don’t want it to be … the thought of actually holding a baby in my arms is thrilling.

It’s just that it doesn’t feel real yet.  We still talk about the baby in the “one day” sense of the world.  The other night DH and I realized we have talked through pretty much no logistics for when this baby comes home … other than to submit for our leaves from work. It just still doesn’t feel like we are 5-7 weeks away from it being our reality.


The nursery is near complete, but like everything else, it feels surreal.  I am embarrassed to show it off – I still think that people will wonder why on earth we have a completed nursery in our house.  To me, it is the Room Where The Baby Should Go … it feels like we are preparing for that elusive one day.

Somehow I suspect that on Monkey’s birthday, as we hold this baby in our arms, that DH and I will look at each other not only with joy and awe, but also with a good deal of shock.  Walking out of the hospital with a live baby is something neither of us can yet fathom.



  1. Brenna said

    It’s absolutely adorable! I love the giraffe, did you paint it yourself?

    I can relate to your feelings so well–I’m still in the “I’ll believe it when I see it” space regarding having a living baby to take home with us in January. Hopeful, but not at all convinced! You’re so very close to having Monkey home with you, though…I’m so excited for you guys!

  2. Tina said

    The nursery is perfect! Your baby will love it. I hope the remainder of your pregnancy goes well and in a few weeks you will be taking him/her home.

  3. What a precious, precious room. I’m so excited for you to see sweet Monkey alseep in that crib 🙂 The “should’s”, the “if’s” the shock- it makes a lot of sense to me. I suspect it will only feel real once your baby is here safe and sound. Just a little while longer now. . .

  4. Sally said

    I can so relate. Holding my breath with you!

  5. Jamie said

    I love your giraffe! Your nursery is beautiful.

    I know how you feel. Even after 30+ weeks, I caught a glimpse of myself in the mirror and thought, “I can’t believe I’m really pregnant.”

  6. Carly K. said

    It is so true. The mix of emotions is so crazy and confusing. I can so relate w/ the ‘not really believing it may actually happen.’ I am thinking of you!

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