Difference in Perspective

A friend of mine had a pre-term labour scare this past week … at 33 weeks pregnant she ended up in labour.  It was stopped, and things look great with her little bean, but it was understandably an experience that shook her up a bit.  Not to belittle the experience (because I am sure it would be a horrible feeling), but one thing she said really stood out …

“I breathed a sigh of relief when the nurse told me that babies born at 33 weeks survive.”  It caused me to pause – and realize how different perspectives can be.  At 24 weeks, we celebrated – Monkey would be given a fighting chance.  At 28 weeks, I was thrilled – survival rates hover at around 90%.   Next milestone is 32 weeks – when the chance of long term disabilities goes down significantly.  It seemed strange to me that not everyone works towards these same goals … that some don’t even know the stats.  How different perspective can be …


We met with our Doula last week as well – for an initial meeting as well as to see if we are a good fit.  When discussing our birth plan, I was very bluntly honest with her.  My plan – “a live baby”.  While I would love to see labour be a positive, natural affair (hence bringing a Doula into the equation along with our doctor), I am more than ready to accept any level of intervention needed to bring Monkey into the world.  I could tell we were a good fit when our Doula told me that I was a refreshing change from the usual – that understanding live babies are the goal is a great place to be.  Again though, it’s all about perspective.  Somehow c-sections and epidurals don’t seem to be such big deals anymore …



  1. Oh, isn’t that the truth? All the plans about how you’d *like* things to be go out the window when faced with such a much bigger goal.

  2. Sally said

    I told my ob she could c-section me this time with out drugs if she wanted. She laughed. I wasn’t joking! I am going for natural childbirth again, but I really don’t care. I am not here for the experience, just the live/healthy/take-home baby part.

  3. Michelle said

    I totally agree.

  4. Jamie said

    You are so right – what ever it takes to let me bring home a live baby.

  5. Erika said

    could not agree with you more!!!

  6. Rebekah said

    So true!! I’m glad you & the doula are on the same page 🙂

  7. OM said


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