We Did It

Thanks for all your encouragement – we decided to go for it and buy the furniture. It’s going to look great, and not only that, but it allowed me to purchase a fantastic glider as well for the room.  It still feels very wrong to make purchases this early, but I am going to choose to think positive thoughts about Monkey.

Not much else going on – my brain seems to be on a bit of a “thought” vacation.  So, because my blog tends to lack in pictures, I thought I would share a couple shots of our critters, who sadly rarely get featured anywhere.

Evil Kitty Thoughts

Evil Kitty Thoughts

Our cat, embarrassingly named Kitty (lesson learned: if you only refer to a small cat as a kitty in a high pitched voice, she WILL come to believe it is her name).  She is a fairly docile cat, but seeing the picture, you get the idea of what goes on in that little brain – watch out birds, mice, moles … really, any small critter.



Our dog, Tikka, doing what she loves.  Chasing anything you throw into the water – this time down to the river it was rocks.  It doesn’t matter that she will never retrieve one, it is all about the jumping in and swimming against the current.  We won’t complain – it is one thing that actually rids our rambunctious lab of a bit of her energy.  Love this shot of her mid-shake.



  1. Brenna said

    Love the photos! “Evil Kitty Thoughts” makes me laugh, and Tikka is a total cutie. My mom had a cat growing up that lived a crazy-long life–well over 20 years!!!–named Ms.Kitty. Ms. Kitty was a huge gray tabby, and I remember her well.

    I’m SO glad you bought the furniture! I’m chosing to think nothing put positive thoughts as well and I believe that monkey will love it!

  2. Sarah said

    I’m so glad you bought the furniture as well…. good for you (& little Monkey)!!

  3. Jamie said

    Congrats on the furniture! I know it was a huge step.

    I’m guilty of the same – I had a rescue cat that I called Blackie because, well, he was solid black. I didn’t like naming my rescues because I got attached to them enough as it was. Then Blackie stuck around and was . . . Blackie. Not clever at all.

  4. What adorable photos! And if that’s you with Kitty well, then, you’re absolutely beautiful! Don’t think I’ve seen a picture before .. . .

    So glad you bought the furniture – I know you’re going to love it!

  5. OM said

    It sounds like our animals have a bit in common. My first cat, Kitty, lived for sixteen years. I got him when I was nine. I tried an assortment of names, but I always ended up calling, “Here Kitty, Kitty, Kitty.” Thus, Kitty was his name. 🙂

    And, our dog Hailey also loved to simply chase the splash in the water. Typically, I’d throw rocks into the lake because she wouldn’t bring the stick back anyway.

    And, I agree with Bluebird. You are beautiful.


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