Tempting Fate

Post Disclaimer: I know this all not to be true, it just feels true, hence I write it.  🙂

So, I am feeling as though we are tempting fate these days.  Last week, I purchased a baby quilt off of Etsy.  I had no plans to purchase anything baby this early on, but it was adorable … and gender neutral … and on Etsy, so you never know how long it will be there for.  That in itself was enough to make me catch my breath.  How assuming of me – to think that there is going to be a baby in 19ish weeks.

Then came THE offer, the one that we can’t refuse.  Background info – with the girls we hadn’t yet purchased any major items.  We had picked them all out, but hadn’t yet bit the bullet and brought stuff home.  For this, I am very grateful … there were no cribs to dismantle, change tables to hide away, or “gear” to store.  Back to the offer.

Friends of our offered us all their baby furniture this weekend … for a ridiculously good deal.  It’s amazing furniture – top of the line, meant to be used for many children, they only ended up with one.  Absolutely perfect for us.  The only catch?  They would like to know asap as they will probably be moving in the near future.

I know it isn’t something to get wound up about.  The deal is great, the furniture is wonderful, and my head is very aware that it will not make a difference to Monkey if the furniture is in the house at 22 weeks or after 30.

And yet, it is so hard to do.  Maybe I can sneak it in, and “fate” will never have to know.



  1. Sarah said

    Wow, I can so relate to this. I’m not pregnant again (yet?), but I’ve vowed that we’re not buying ANYTHING baby-related until 30+ wks. Just feels too “confident,” like we’re begging something to pull the rug out from under us again.

    But maybe this is a sign, ya know? Wonderful furniture, great price, healthy rolling, kicking Monkey — I can definitely see why you would want to take the plunge & slip it in the back door while fate’s not looking 🙂

    Good luck with your decision!

  2. I understand. I often wonder what I will do differently or the same “next time.” We have several things that were for our babies, cribs included. . . and you know what? I don’t mind. I almost wish we had more. We were excited and preparing for their arrival! What is more loving than that? I think that the door to the empty room would stay shut, regardless of whether there had once been cribs in there, because I know in my subconscious that that room was intended for them.

    Anyway, all that said, *I* hadn’t bought anything for the babies other than the cribs – all the outfits and etc. were gifts. But I wish I had. I wish I had bought them at least blankets, so that in the hospital they would have had something from me.

    I can’t imagine the pull between trying to love and prepare for this baby, and knowing the harsh, harsh reality of what can happen. I hope one day that I can walk the fine line in the middle, but I’m sure I won’t do that very well 🙂
    I’m excited for you and the furniture – it sounds like an awesome deal and, if you decide to get it, I’m certain that your baby will love it.

  3. Sally said

    if you want to buy it Heather, buy it. I think I have given up on tempting fate now. We had done the same for Hope, and bought an entire set of furniture for her off friends, really cheap. Yes, she died on us at 40+ weeks but I don’t think us buying that stuff had anything to do with it, it was just shitty luck. I still have all of that stuff, and it is still all completely set up, just as it was. Am I tempting fate in this pregnancy by leaving it all there? I don’t know, but I don’t plan on moving it. What will be, will be.
    I’m thinking of you.

  4. Christy said

    Hi-I stumbled across your blog, somehow-I need to leave a trail of breadcrumbs!!! I don’t have much to say-I just lost my twins a month ago-but I just wanted to say that I think this sucks and I’m sorry that after the horrible things that happened, a subsequent pregnancy seems to mean more anxiety. After all of it, what do you deserve more than being super happy about bringing a new life into the world. But who can be so sure, right? I said a quick prayer for you, I hope that’s ok, and am wishing you well in your new few months!

  5. Brenna said

    I hope you took the furniture! In my mind this optimism can only bring good things. xxoo

  6. mkwewer said

    Let’s not call this “tempting fate,” let’s call this “having hope.” Get the furniture, put in the room and don’t think about it until you are ready. You deserve to enjoy this pregnancy.

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