Slimy gel, the quiet chuckles of the tech, Monkey firmly and consistency beating away on my belly.  The constant self-reminder to breathe.

  • Heartbeat – strong and steady at 146
  • Limbs – all accounted for
  • Growth – still a couple days ahead
  • Monkey – absolutely perfect looking, big ears and all!

Our ultrasound was wonderful.  Everything looked great and the tech took her time explaining each part of Monkey to us – we saw the four chambered heart, the kidneys, the spine, Monkey’s little lips as s/he practiced breathing.

The only minor downfall?  You guessed it, Monkey is still a s/he for the time being.  They don’t like to tell here, and Monkey decided modesty was the name of the game – foiling my newly research knowledge on identifying sex by ultrasound.

Oh well!  We aren’t complaining, honest.  We shall just get to practice out the virtue of patience!



  1. Rebekah said

    I’m sorry Monkey was being modest but glad to see the heartbeat is strong!!! 🙂

  2. OM said

    I’m guessing a girl. I’ll stay tuned. 🙂

  3. Sally said

    Good news! I hope you can find out next time!

  4. Jamie said

    Congrats on the perfect u/s!! The tech had no problem with determining the sex of our baby as he had his legs spread wide. I am still praying this is something he grows out of!!

  5. Carly said

    Wonderful news – except a big fat booooooo to not being able to find out if monkey is a boy or a girl!

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