This morning I spent a good chunk of time just staring at the baby ticker on my family blog (and no, I still don’t have one here, never good figure out how to make wordpress accept one).  Halfway.  20 weeks.

I clearly remember sitting at work with Avery and Sophie at 19 weeks, rubbing my belly, composing the “halfway” blog post in my head instead of crunching some sort of numbers on my excel sheet.  A week later, I was a shell of my former self, wrapped around my empty body, crying at what should have been.

Today, the word “Halfway” whispers itself in my ear – and it is less bitter, more sweet.  Today Monkey busily kicks and punches at my belly, as if to reassure me that he/she is firmly nestled in for the long haul.  I can only imagine what his/her movements will be like in a few weeks, already I find myself checking to see if I can feel them on the outside of my stomach, surprisingly, there have been a few.

And today, Monkey’s movements and the 20 week ticker are the best birthday present I could ask for.  Happy birthday to me 🙂  Thanks Monkey.



  1. Happy birthday indeed! And happy halfway 🙂 I’m amazed you can feel such movement – surely that must be a good sign.

    Enjoy your day!

  2. Brenna said

    Happy happy birthday! That does sound like a lovely couple of presents–hitting the halfway point and feeling the somersaults inside to prove it! I’m so glad. So sorry that you didn’t get to experience this with Avery and Sophie, but so glad that Monkey has given you this gift. I hope your day is a wonderful one!

  3. OM said

    Ahhhh. Give yourself a sigh of relief. 🙂

    Monkey is living up to his/her moniker! 🙂


  4. Sally said

    Glad to be on this journey with you. Can’t wait until I can feel some movement.
    Hopefully it is a bit earlier the second time around.

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