Things that Make me Smile Today

Monkey at 19 weeks

Monkey at 19 weeks

 1) The picture on the left – Monkey is definitely making his/her presence known these days, enough so that I am now obviously pregnant.  I still find it a bit strange when people ask about the pregnancy straight out, but it is nice to be getting to that stage.

2) Monkey obviously likes my mid-morning snack food (yes, we are working on weight gain over here – back to pre-pregnancy weight now, yeah!).  S/he is kicking madly away right now – I love that feeling.  I never did feel the girls a ton, so feeling Monkey is reassuring.

3) I have a doctor’s appointment tomorrow – meaning I will get to hear the heartbeat and we will have our 20 week scan scheduled … where we will hopefully be able to stop referring to Monkey as a he/she 🙂

4) The sun is shining and it is FINALLY warm enough to sit on my deck and enjoy it.

I can’t complain – today is a good day indeed.



  1. Oh, you look beautiful! Thank you so much for sharing the photo with us. Can’t wait to read tomorrow about your scan – how exciting!

  2. jan said

    Oh I am glad you are feeling so upbeat. Can’t wait to know if monkey is a he or she.

  3. Sally said

    Oh you’re looking so good!

  4. Carly said

    You both look so beautiful Heather – Thank you for showing us!

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