Back to the Real World

Well, we made it back.  The time away was wonderful – lots of sun, sand, and time relaxing together by ourselves and with friends.  And although I did spend some time thinking about the girls on their due date, I was able to keep the “could have beens” at bay – and just enjoy it for what it was.

Enjoying the Beach

Enjoying the Beach

Our View at the Pool (and no, those aren't my hairy toes)

Our View at the Pool (and no, those aren't my hairy toes)

Relaxing with Friends

Relaxing with Friends

We came back ready to again face life.  Unfortunately, we had a bit of a scare with Monkey when we returned and I ended up in emerg.  While I felt really silly being there, I knew that I wouldn’t want to regret not checking it out.  Three stressful hours later, we were able to see Monkey, happily squirming around, kicking madly every time the ultrasound wand came near.  Apparently we have a fighter in there!

So we are now home – back and work and now counting days until Monkey hits 24 weeks … our next item to “look forward to” this summer.



  1. Sally said

    Nice to have you back and I’m so glad to hear Monkey is hanging in there. Sorry you had a scare, so relieved to know all is well.
    Hope the tan doesn’t fade too fast!

  2. Brenna said

    You look great, relaxed and glowing! I’m sorry about the scare, too, and MUCH relieved to hear that Monkey is well. C’mon, 24 weeks!

  3. Carly K. said

    So glad you had a nice trip! So sorry about the scare. Keeping you in my thoughts and prayers.

  4. Carly said

    Loved the photo’s! You deserved this time, I am just sorry you had a scare.


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