Things We Miss

The invites have started, invites for first birthday parties.  With 8 friends having babies around the girls’ due date last year, I knew that it would come.  Even so, it caught me off guard.  How have these babies made it through their first year while I only have one night of memories with with mine?

How I wish we were sending out little invites, celebrating a year of life of our two girls.  What would they be doing right now?  What milestone’s would they have accomplished?  Would they have been early walkers?  Already babbling?  Mischievous?  Gentle? 

Today I miss the opportunities we will never have, the personalities we will never get to know.  What I wouldn’t give to be burying my face in the soft hair of my little baby girls.



  1. Kristi said

    I am so sorry to hear how sad you’re feeling. The feelings of loss will never go away, but you are a strong woman with a loving husband and together you’ll make it through this sadness. I pray that soon God will lift that sadness from your heart. I pray that as time goes on you’ll know that one day you will meet those beautiful little girls, you will be able to wrap them in your arms, and you’ll have an eternity to do it. But for now, God needs you here for your beautiful little Monkey. Stay strong! (((HUGS)))

  2. Carly said

    I am holding my girls closer tonight Heather. I think of you often when I look at my sweet hearts. I promise Heather to never take them for granted.

    I can’t wait for the day that you post a picture of you with your arms wrapped around your precious baby.

    You are a beautiful woman and you deserve the world.


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