Thank Goodness for Slow Cookers

As I only work part-time from home right now, while DH works 12 hour shifts, most of the cooking responsibilities fall on me.  Usually I don’t mind as it makes a lot of sense with the way the work shifts fall!

However, with being pregnant, cooking has become more of a challenge, especially since my worst time of the day falls in the evenings.  Yesterday evening as I laid on the couch feeling pathetic for sending DH to the kitchen for sandwiches, I thought to myself “if only I could make dinner in the mornings” …

This morning I realized I could.  I got out my slow cooker while still feeling well and put in dinner around noon.  As the queasiness has thoroughly set in now for the day, I am feeling quite proud of myself.  While I may not eat it, there will be a tasty Thai dinner waiting for DH when he gets home.

I know it sounds silly, but any small victory is a big one in my books right now.  I am fighting emotionally every day for this pregnancy, and small things make a huge difference!



  1. bmarielee said

    What a fabulous idea! Honestly, I wouldn’t have thought of that right away either 🙂 I know its the small things that help us make it through the day, and I’m so happy you found this!

  2. Kristi said

    Now THAT is a great idea!! And fairly easy clean up too! Thai in a crockpot sounds delicious!!!

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