Getaway Weekend

I am taking a moment to brag – my husband is absolutely wonderful!  After a couple very emotionally draining weeks, he announced Friday that we were going away for the weekend.  Aside from packing my bags, I had to do nothing.

We met friends “half-way” between their home and ours (makes me chuckle as it was about 5 hours for both of us) for a cozy weekend retreat at a cabin on a lake.  A roaring fire, good food, games, and having someone to talk to even when lying prone on a couch was wonderful. 

Although we were only there Friday evening through yesterday morning, it was still an amazing break.  I had been feeling so completely drained, but now have a bit of energy again.  The world really does look so much brighter with a bit of energy 🙂



  1. bmarielee said

    Aw – I’m so happy for you!!! What a perfect little get-away, and how incredibly precious of your hubby to put everything together for you. I’m so glad you were able to relax and enjoy.

  2. She said

    What a good man you have. That sounds like a WONDERFUL surprise, and a nice, relaxing, non-stressful way to spend your weekend!

  3. Carly said

    So awesome! Sounds just wonderful.

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