A Part Of Me

No matter how much time passes, how many children we may eventually have, or how many joyful events we experience, Avery and Sophie and their impact on our lives will always be a part of us.  Sometimes I think that people who have not lost just don’t understand what an impact it truly has.

Tonight, while watching TV, a commercial came on for a new type of bread.  Children were used throughout the commercial – specifically identical twins.  As two little curly headed girls ran giggling across the screen I stared, completely transfixed.  I wanted to turn it off but I couldn’t. 

Everything that our girls will never be flashed through my mind  – what I wouldn’t give to see them grow up.  They will never cease to be a part of me.



  1. sally said

    We were going to get everything, but instead we got nothing. I don’t know how to make sense of this either.

  2. Carly said

    You will see them everywhere Heather. I wish I could change this. I am so sorry.

  3. bmarielee said

    Its the most unique loss I can imagine, which makes it all the more horrible. No one can possibly understand the impact that our babies have made on our lives, permanently. . . I try to remember that I wouldn’t wish anyone else be able to understand (because that would mean they’ve had to live through it), but its still hard. . . . ((Hugs))

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