Totally Steamed

Finishing off the girls’ story was intense and emotionally draining. I was actually taken aback by how difficult it truly was to write – I know many of you can understand that.  Last night I turned off my computer after writing the last piece, exhausted but still feeling like it was a step I needed to take in order to continue healing.

This morning, as always, I checked for comments.  Not gonna lie, they always make my day 🙂  I saw in my inbox that one was waiting for moderation.  As I opened it, I honestly couldn’t believe what I read – it was a piece of junk mail that somehow made it through my filter.  That alone really isn’t enough to bother me.

But this piece did.  Because it was directed at me.  Advertising Remembrance Books for children who have died.  EXCUSE ME?  And I don’t think it is a coincidence that it came right after writing the last of the girls’ story.  I couldn’t believe that someone would stoop to that – directing junk mail at people based on their stories of grief.  Not that Remembrance Books are bad, but I was appalled that an advertisement would be sent to me based on my sharing of our journey with Avery and Sophie.

Needless to say, it was immediately deleted.  And if there would have been a email address to reply to, trust me, they would have received a scathing one in their inbox this morning.



  1. She said

    I’ve been following along as you’ve retold your story, and I just want to say how sorry I am (again) that you’ve been through so much.

  2. Amanda said

    I’ve also been reading this blog and feeling your pain right now. Your daughters were a beautiful gift, and so sad that you enjoyed their presence for such a short time. I’m glad you had the courage to put pen to paper (so to speak) and share their lives with us.

    And I can appreciate how steamed you are right now. I was mad to have baby products advertised to me on Facebook, and wrote to them to have better filters put in place so their ads would reach the right people. It seems they took my complaints seriously, because I received a nice note from them. I hope the spammers see your post today and are a little more contrite!

  3. klboone212 said

    Amen, I refuse to get on facebook and myspace because those ads can be a little too depressing on most days. I agree with you 100% on being mad. They have to realize that things happen and as much as we want to remember our little ones, it’s not by ads posted all over the place about babies. Hopefully wordpress can do something about that, or whoever posted it will get a hint…

  4. Carly said

    That is completely cruel! and outrageous….. people deliberately doing that makes me sick.

    I am so sorry that was dumped on you Heather.

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