Victim of the 2WW

I hate Tylenol … I really do.  Stuck in the 2 week wait, I am in that silly place of acting as though I am pregnant, even though it very well could not be the case.

And that my friends, means no Advil for migraines.  And of course, my body senses the timing … 3 days later, migraine is still in the background, laughing at the pitiful tylenol I throw at it.

What I wouldn’t give for two Advil and a TON of caffiene right now.

Or, alternately two pink lines and the knowledge that it will end in a baby in 9 months.  Really, I could suck up a lot of migraines for that 🙂



  1. Sally said

    This little black duck’s 2WW ended with bad news yesterday and an unwelcome visitor. So now I turn my attention to you and hope you can be successful this month.
    My next 2WW will end can you believe it on Christmas Day. So I hope with all my heart, I will have a Christmas baby afterll, just as I did last year xo

  2. Carly said

    Wishing you two pink lines Heather x

    and Sally you know I always am wishing the same.

    love to you both!

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