A Letter

To the Hope Currently Residing in my Chest:

First off, I do thank you for finally returning to my life.  It had been so long I really had forgotten what it felt like to anticipate a future that might not be quick as bleak as the present and recent past.  Please know, I am thankful.

That said, I would appreciate it you toned it down a bit right now.  You are out of control, running rampant, playing with a very fragile heart.  I think that you are acting very irresponsibly right now – causing me to imagine telling people about a pregnancy, thinking of a Christmas finally pregnant, and planning a summertime due date.  For the life of me, I am unable to reign you in.  My normal logical approach to life is failing me now that you have taken up residence.

All I ask if for you to take a step back, maybe even disappear for the next week or so.  If you are unwarranted, I would appreciate if you could go on vacation for a couple of weeks.  I will need you back in a bit, but right now, I can’t deal with the havoc you are wreaking, especially if you are unfounded.





  1. Sally said

    Heather I just want to let you know I’m right here with you!

  2. hossiegirl said

    I am desperately hoping & praying right there with you…there are so may of us out there that are taking this journey with you.


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