Confessions of a Pee-Stick Addict and Less Devastating Images

Someone knew I needed a few days where I could breathe again, days when that familiar ache wasn’t crushing me … the last  days have been wonderful.  I am sure it has as much to do with good work projects and lovely fall weather as anything else, but I’ll take it regardless! 

So on to lighter fare  … my addiction to POAS.

Seriously, I consider myself an educated, rational, money-conscious woman most of the time.  Not so when it comes to HPTs.  I can’t contain myself.  When I am experiencing regular cycles I at least limit myself to right before the expected period, but at times like this (after a loss), I go crazy.

I can’t cout the money I have spent on them.  It doesn’t seem to matter if I KNOW I am not pregnant, that the dates don’t line up, that there are no symptoms (and mine are quite obvious) … If I walk by the isle I have to buy them … and promptly pee on them at home.  And not just any test will do, only the most expensive, earliest detecting ones will do.

<sigh> Must get this under control.

And just a couple pictures that make me smile … Me and DH with my nephew on one of their recent visits.  Honestly, this kid is so much fun.  And he adores us – DH WAY more, but I’ll pretend like I am close 🙂


After “Tree Hugging” together – we both thought we were pretty funny.

See the adoration?  Seriously, his uncle and cookies are all this kid needs to be happy.



  1. Carly said

    You guys are gorgeous hey,

    What a beautiful place where you live. Fall is called Autumn here but it is no where near as colourful.


  2. Nicole said

    Great Pics!!

    I’m a POAS Addict too…. I’m here to obsess with you if you ever need a friend!


  3. Amanda said


    I just discovered your blog and I can’t tell you how relieved I was. I was having a hard morning, coming into work today I walked through the lobby of the hospital. Right past a woman in labour. I ran to my office, shut the door and started to cry. I lost my twins, Nate and Sam, last September. I miscarried my blighted ovum in May (Mother’s Day weekend, in case I didn’t feel crappy enough). You are so brave to share your journey to get pregnant here, but it gives me hope and strength to read someone like me is out there, doing the best we can to make it through each day without our children.


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