Taking Action

Today, October 15, is the National Day of Remembrance for Pregnancy and Infant Loss in the States. As a Canadian, I have watched the date appear on various blogs and emails, sitting back, not ready to take action.  I rationalized it away as being “for Americans”  and not something to take part of … but today, I finally realized that it could be for me too.

I realized that the reason I didn’t want to do anything was because when it comes to my “real” life, I don’t generally share.  Only a couple people knew about Bug – not even the company we had the weekend we found out Bug was gone knew.  I didn’t want to share, to say anything would be to publically acknowledge the pain.  It would validate the pregnancy, recognize the loss, force me to admit that I might not be doing okay … and all outside of the safe place I built for myself within the babyloss community.

Today, I did something about it.  While it may not seem big, to me it was huge.  I used my other blog – my friends and family blog – as a place to talk about today, as a place to share about Bug. 

Because honestly, if I am not willing to talk about the losses that make me who I am, how can I expect anyone else to?  If not me, who?


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  1. Carly said

    I lit some candles for all the lost babies last night……. I am in Australia and it is not a big day in our country, but I too thought to myself that this day could be for me. I made a video too. … . that made me feel better.

    I think what you did is massive and I hope you feel good for doing so 🙂

    Thinking of you 🙂

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