A Wonderful Surprise

This week was hard, really hard.  Perhaps shock allowed for a numbness the first week or so, I am not sure, but regardless, it has been tough.

Yesterday, I got the most amazing surprise.  One of my dear friends stopped in for an afternoon visit.  Three months ago, this would have been common.  However, since moving over 6 hours from our former home, stop in visits are very rare 🙂  In fact, non-existent. 

We have had many overnight visitors, and while each visit has been wonderful, I have found each very taxing.  Hosting people for extended stays just takes a lot of energy.

This however was so different.  She is one of the few people who knew about Bug, and after hearing about my series of difficult days she packed up and drove the 6 hours just to stop by for a few hours.  Knowing anymore would be daunting for me, she picked me up, took for me lunch and enjoyed the afternoon with me before heading home.

Honestly, it was amazing, and just what I needed.  There is no way I could find the words to thank you … my tears probably said it well though 🙂


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  1. Carly said

    That was so incredibly selfless of her. I am just happy that you have such a dear friend 🙂

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