Thank You

For all your kind words and thoughts.  It honestly means so much.  This weekend has been a bit of a painful blur as we are trying to deal with the reality of another baby lost.  Especially in light of the fact that my body seems determined to continue to carry this little one … hard to tell yourself you aren’t pregnant when still dealing with a ton of symtoms.

We are heading to meet with the doctor this morning, hopefully to plan a D&C soon.  I know it is bad, but I just want this to be over now.



  1. Carly said

    I can understand you feeling that way. I am just sorry that there is anything I can say to make you feel any better.

    Be kind to yourself

    Love Carly x

  2. A.M.S. said

    My deepest sympathies, which sounds so very meaningless written out like that. Just know that we’re out here listening and you aren’t alone.

  3. mkwewer said

    You don’t know me, I came over from No Swimmers blog. There is nothing I can say except that I am so sorry and that this shouldn’t be happening to you and it’s not fair and I want to scream and cry for you. Your “bloggy people” are here for you when you are ready.

  4. noswimmers said

    Here for you…listening. Sending whatever support I can. This is just so incredibly awful, unfair…ugh. Let me know if there’s anything I can do.

  5. I’m so sorry – I just came over from noswimmers. So sorry for the loss of your Bug and the loss of your girls last year. Wishing you peace amidst your grief.

  6. niobe said

    I’m so, so sorry. You’re in my thoughts.

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