I Deserve a Cookie

You could say that I am sarcastic by nature … probably bordering too often on cynicism.  Losing the girls only added to this, although I do try to curb it as much as possible.  There is only so much sarcasm and cynacism that can be tolerated before people start running in the other direction.

Today I did myself proud.  I held it back, I walked away … swallowing a million different remarks I could have made.

While registering for a fall yoga class I had to mention that I was pregnant.  The assistant’s face lit up as she beamed at me.  “Congratulations” she gushed, “We can’t wait to watch your pregnancy develop”.

Oh the things I could have said.  Instead I gulped them down, thanked her, and walked away.  Somehow I don’t think my dead babies fit into her wold.

Somebody get me a cookie, I think I definitely deserve one for that display of lovely socially correct behaviour.


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